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The E:
One of the problems we have on Windows is that FSO on Win is a 32-bit application. This restricts the available memory space to 2GB, and chances are that there are scenarios where our memory usage goes beyond that. Making the engine fully 64-bit-compatible takes some doing, but it is possible to set a flag called "Large Address Aware" that allows us to address up to 4GB of memory.

Please test these builds especially if you frequently encounter "malloc failed" errors.

General Battuta:
This is all Aesaar's fault.

Well, Steve-O and Nighteyes had their part in it, too. :) I'll try it out.

Hey, I had never heard that 32bit apps were limited to 2GB until doing some investigation of my own.  Everyone was all, FSO usually peaks around 2GB so it must not be hitting limits or anything, and then I was like, hmm, apparently 32bit apps _are_ limited to 2GB by no we're seeing what it takes to ensure 32bit builds can reach the 4GB boundary (or ~3GB or so on 32bit Windows, with a tweak to the Windows settings).

If you're talking about the /3GB switch on winXP 32bits, be careful with it.
In the past (10 years ago I would say) I had a laptop with this kind of configuration at work (xp 32bits + 4gb ram + /3GB switch) which I used for Solidworks and I had a lot of problems with the nvidia drivers crashing randomly or simply not starting when the /3GB was used.
For what I can remember, it was linked to the fact that those drivers were loaded in a very specific adress in the memory and were causing all kind of strange and random behaviors, like 800x600 16bit color desktop at windows start or when applications were trying to access those adresses to use more than 2GB.
Sorry not to be able to be more precise than that (it's oooold), but it was really a pain in the butt at the time, so just so you know !


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