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RELEASE - The Lost 2_ HUD: Rebuilt! - Updated February 3 2018

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Ok, so here's a slightly more refined version. Things are more aligned and main message font size isn't as obnoxious. Also includes The Dagger's aforementioned hud art so its now 9% nicer as well!

It's in a handy VP so you could throw it in a MediaVPs 2014 folder of your choice and it should work with 99% of campaigns. Hopefully anyway.


Also here's a bonus Ax_2HUD release, includes my message script, which in my opinion makes messages 999% more readable. This should work with 90% of campaigns, there might be an odd ball on that doesn't. Also it might not work for cockpit mods, still not sure what's up with that.


Just don't install them together. They do not get along!

I'm on 1600*900 resolution and head anis aren't scaling to fit the HUD. I'm on 3.7.2 Final. Help?

I guess I should have mentioned you need a recently nightly build to run this properly. There have been some new additions to the HUD code (like headani resizing) that got added. Sorry about that. :(

Hello! I updated this a bit. If you were using this with a nightly build, you may have noticed the scripted message gauge being much much brighter than usual. This now fixes that issue, and also has some new parameters so the weapons gauge with ballistic primaries looks correct.

Admiral Nelson:
I notice that If I try and use this with a mod dependent on the fsport-mediavps the head ani is displayed at top left, where it is overwritten by the regular message flows.  If I place your vp (with the FS1 recticle added) in the fsport-mediavps folder, it works as expected.  It does not work when placed in the dependent mod folder (fsport-str is a good example).  I ask about it here since many old campaigns used empty message files to pad out the time the old style messages stayed on screen.  Now, when your box is used with such emptymessage files, it takes the length of that pad file into consideration in how long to display the box.  This behavior is much worse than to just use your inbuilt length calculation which is pretty good now.

All this leads to a mod packaging concern -- I'd like to get rid of those emptymessage files and use only your box, as it is 1000x better than the old method, but I don't have a way to force your vp to be present in the fsport mediavps folder.  I don't suppose you have any idea what causes this oddity, or how to cure it?


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