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Whenever I click to go into the multiplayer room it tells me I have not defined my type of internet connection. All my settings reset each time I close the FS2 Open  launcher. Does anyone have a solution to this? I am running windows 10.

Which launcher are you using? There are several, and one of them, the old Launcher 5.5g, is not compatible with anything past Windows 7, as I recall.

The launcher that keeps resetting is the one with the paw icon. Although I get the same message if I start it using the WX launcher as well.

The paw icon is the obsolete launcher 5.5g I mentioned earlier. As for wxLauncher, you might try finding the flag for alternate registry path and see if that helps. Someone else would know better how to troubleshoot than I. Also, you might want to find the wxLauncher thread elsewhere on the forums and report this issue if nobody else answers here.

Bryan See:
I got the same issue here.


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