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Issue: FS2 MP Campaign Bugs



I've been a huge fan of FS since 1998 and really appreciate that there is still a community for this great game.

I've been searching the forums for this problem but have been unable to find anything yet. I'm wondering if someone can help with some issues I've been having playing the FS2 Campaign with the 2014 media VP's:
- Mission 'Mystery of the Trinity' (5th one)- the Trinity blows up about 30 seconds into the mission and we're unable to complete it
- Mission 'The Great Hunt' (6th one) - the Deimos corvettes never fire their anti-capital ship beams

There seems to be bugs with the missions - has anyone experienced this before and is there a fix for it?


Not sure if they have been reported, I was going to suggest the Project MULTI Mantis to report it but the FSU project Mantis might be a better place.  I'd look for something like you see in the existing mission related bugs and if it's not there file a new one.

Hi, I can send you the coop missions from FS2 I store in my folder, I think they have been corrected but I can't remember where I downloaded them it was a while ago!

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For anyone else chasing this up, unofficial fixes available in this thread


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