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Multiplayer FS2 Campaign Problems

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No debug file yet due to not having the time to collect one. If needed/requested we will grab one later tonight for all missions we're having problems with.

Hey guys,

I am new here, so I did look around a bit to see if this was brought up before. I apologize if I missed a thread where I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I thought it'd be easier to make this thread and ask the question and get a link to an older thread with any potential solution(s).

My friend and I have identical installs of FSO with all the FS2 MediaVPs working and looking great. We've successfully set up multiplayer LAN games over Hamachi. The issues come from the single player campaign missions we're trying to play through. It's been a while for either of us so we decided to play through the campaign co-op. We've only gotten to the 5th mission so far and we're already experiencing several issues. They are as follows:

COOPSM1-01: Works fine
COOPSM1-02: Near the end of the mission while approaching the Icini my buddy gets an error. "Error: Caught STD" which is hilarious, but boots him from the game. (Picture included below)
COOPSM1-03: Crashes for both of us on load with an error message of: "Error: Invalid Message Source"
COOPSM1-04: Works fine
COOPSM1-05: Works fine-ish, except the Trinity explodes immediately after launch from the Aquitane and then we're ordered to return to base, where were congratulated for surviving an overwhelming Shivan offensive that never happened.

We stopped there, figuring the rest of the campaign is probably fraught with just as many errors. My question is: Is there a way to fix this, and if not, are there updated campaign missions that have these problems resolved?

Thanks for all of your help, I really do appreciate your time and efforts.


[attachment stolen by Russian hackers]

Thanks for drawing attention to this.  This stuff is specifically why the MULTI sub-team was created, so hopefully some of those members with FRED skills may be able to help investigate and see if these are code bugs we introduced or just things we need to clean up in the multiplayer campaign.

The STD thing is really just the fully qualified name of the Exception class, and is short for 'standard', as the exception is part of the C++ standard library.  The fact that it was thrown means the game code reached a point where it didn't know how best to proceed, and because of that, exceptions will generally result in the game exiting, so it's no surprise he is booted when it occurs.  I suspect that error might not be campaign related, although I could be wrong.  At best, if there is data out there causing an exception, we may be able to handle it better in the code.  But we should also correct the mission/asset data if it's the root cause of the issue here.

The second problem to me looks more likely to be an asset issue, and it is giving a clearer error message, albeit still one without a chance of recovery.  Surprising since I imagine these campaigns haven't exactly changed much and at some point in the past these issues must not have been truly 'unrecoverable'.  Will have to investigate what is leading to that problem now.

A debug log would always be helpful, but in lack of one for now, any other details you are certain about regarding your installs would be helpful.  FSO version, MediaVPs version, any other mods active you might have forgot to mention.  The debug log typically contains all this, which is why it's usually requested, but if you can say for certain there are no non-standard mods in the FS2 folder for now, we can go from there until a debug log is available.

Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated. Unfortunately I will be the only one of the two of us capable of getting debug files as my friend is away from his machine until the weekend, but we can get more information then. Should I get debug files for every individual crash I can find, or do I just need to generate one on each computer?

The FS2 MediaVPs are the only active mods we are both running. I have a few other mods in my FS2 root directory, but none are active. I'll get a list of them when I get home.

We're both running wxLauncher version 0.12 and we're also both running FSO 3.8.0. Our settings in wxLauncher are also identical, and I will get a list of them when I get home in case one of them might be the culprit. I downloaded the MediaVPs from this thread:

Thanks for your help!

Actually just a debug log from as soon as you start the game might give us a lot to go on, but additional logs for crashes may or may not be helpful, depends on if anything useful was captured before the crash.

By mods in your root directory, I meant non-retail VP files themselves, not mod folders.  For instance, the Multiplayer mission pack is typically installed directly in the root folder.  But it sounds like you've done the install as I would have recommended it so far, and it may not be too difficult for others to reproduce your crashes, which is always a big step towards fixing bugs.

I can confirm most of the errors by the OP also occurred when I tried to the coop missions, so would not be too hard to reproduce at all
CoOpSM3 has been noted in as associated with MediaVPs 2014
I found this error does not happen with 3612
If there's an area to revitalise the game it would be through multiplayer, co-op missions (and even a decent interface for them) would help a lot with that...


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