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Current state of the vanilla campaign in CoOp


Hey all,

Long time lurker, player, new member. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for what you do here and for prolonging a game I consider to be one of the best of all time.

My question is basically are the current campaign missions included in the 2014 MediaVPs bug free and playable? I saw a relatively new post here that detailed a plethora of bugs in the first few missions.

Also, is the easiest way to play just to forward ports and host direct ip, or should we take the time to create FSNet accounts. Keeping in mind that we arent worried about ranks and achievements and such.

Do the cutscenes and briefings work in MP?

Keep up the awesome work friends,


Port forwarding/VPN/LAN might be your best option since FS2NetD is down right now.
I have no idea what state the missions are in because I've never played them...

If you're interested in helping fix the multiplayer problems, feel free to check out the #pxo channel on HLP's Discord. It's a new test build which seems to work quite well in multiplayer but it only supports retail assets (so no MediaVPs).
There's  also a thread about it

Some missions are broken on the vanillan campaign, and Operation Templar mission 3 is broken because it never gives you the order to return to base.


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