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Okay, copy that. I have a TP-Link that I'll start digging into when I'm off work, I seem to recall seeing port forwarding options when I was setting up the router earlier this year. Do you have a reference for which ports need forwarding for PXO?


This is saying to forward port 7808, is that still correct for PXO now that FS2netD is defunct?

Yes, sorry, I forgot to mention.  That is still the correct port.  It's the default port of the FSO codebase.

Port 7808 is still the default. You should only forward UDP though, not TCP & UDP (the wiki is wrong there).

Also you only need to setup port forwarding if you want to create a game or run a standalone server. Port forwarding is not required to just be a client.

But if auto port forwarding works then just let it do it's thing instead of setting it up manually, since it's more secure that way. That way port forwarding is enabled only if it's actually needed and only for as long as it's required. For auto port forwarding to work your router needs to have NAT-PMP / PCP enabled. Enabling UPnP may be all that you need, but some routers have NAT-PMP listed as a separate or extra option and that's what you'll need to enable.

Okay, thanks you two. I'll try and corral him for another game this week and I'll post back about my results.

Bumping so the thread sees a new reply instead of editing, I just have a quick note and question. Haven't had a chance to try and play yet, I just texted him to see if he was busy. Anyway - I pulled up my router's admin page, and I checked UPNP first - that was enabled. Fired up Retail FS2 through Knossos, started a server lobby, went to check the client list and bam there's port 7808 open with NAT-PMP protocol listed. So the auto-port forwarding works, according to my router.

Two questions: should I bother forcing the port open if auto forwarding says that it's working? Also, when we were trying to play, he was over here at my house on my internet connection(we weren't trying LAN as I couldn't remember how that was supposed to function and it was late). Would that have had an effect on trying to see my server through PXO?


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