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Getting Multiplayer Working?

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Sorry, server was down. Can you check now?

No, Knossos should do alright by default, unless you see some errors entering multiplayer room, but that will be whole another story.

And BTW have you checked that server IP is saved in game options? I remember that it could vanish from there (perhaps accept wasn't pressed etc.)

Still can't see it. By the way this should all work with FS2 Media VPs right? Want to make sure I'm not breaking something by using that build! I've completely shut down my software firewall, and my hardware firewall is at minimum settings. This is my port forwarding setup

I also get this error when I try to go into multiplayer does it mean anything?

Also here's my network setup in game in freespace. I blacked out your IP for privacy but did I miss anything here?

Quick follow up. I literally just made my computer a DMZ host on my network so it's now completely exposed to the open internet and I still can't see the server... I guess that means it's probably not a port forwarding issue?

Your setup in FS is allright, your port forwarding looks like too. But that error is the problem, and we should start with it in first place.

I would not expose your PC to the Internet, mean time of life of such a PC could be 15 min, and you get a whole bunch of Trojans on board.

You can join for us to speedup communication. Network is discussed at #pxo channel.


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