Author Topic: Mira Furlan has passed away :(  (Read 1304 times)

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Mira Furlan has passed away :(
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Re: Mira Furlan has passed away :(
Unbelievable  :(

Now finally even more from Star Trek: TOS are alive than from B5... and B5 was 30 years later.
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Re: Mira Furlan has passed away :(
RIP Mira Furlan (1955-2021)

Re: Mira Furlan has passed away :(
Very sad news,


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Re: Mira Furlan has passed away :(
Very, very sad news indeed. What a loss. :(
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Re: Mira Furlan has passed away :(
She has passed beyond the veil, into a place where no shadows fall.
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Re: Mira Furlan has passed away :(
So few of them left...

Came back to check on Blue Planet progress. Then I saw this in TBP. This is not pleasant news to "come home" to.
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Re: Mira Furlan has passed away :(
She was born the same year as me  :(
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