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--- Quote from: Asteroth on August 10, 2021, 10:28:34 pm ---Also, just in case, ensure your nebula detail setting is at max. This value effects the total number of poofs you see where before it didn't. (it used to only make them smaller and closer at lower levels, which as far as I'm aware doesn't actually do anything to performance, but rendering less of them overall does)

--- End quote ---

Nebula detail is already set to max.

For purposes of comparison, here's Return to Babel.

August 1:

August 3:

Your test build:

The opacity still isn't right, this might take some time to unpack wtf it was doing before. The apparent alpha you'd get out of the old system is different from what you put in, so I either need to get to bottom of why it was happening or just experimentally pick out the output values vs input values.

This build has a few more adjustments, but I took another look at the flags and does appear to the case the rest of way is due to post processing. Could you turn it on at least for a little bit to confirm what poofs look like on your end with it on?

21.2 with post proc:

This build with post proc:

This build without post proc:

Fog of War.

Post-proc on:

Post-proc off:

Looks pretty similar to 21.2's poofs as well, so this is likely the best I can do for now. It's a shame that they are affected this way, but the fact you can still see ships through the nebula is a much bigger problem imo, but as mentioned it seems there's little appetite among the other coders for maintaining 'no post processing'.


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