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Finished a few missions and I must say I'm impressed. You guys captured FS1 feel perfectly, and vasudans are pretty chalenging enemy now. With dark, dull nebulae and Dan Wentz's music, this mod rocks!

I just noticed a few things for now. In the first mission of the minicampaign, there is RTB message marked as completed, even if we are still at the battlefield and there is no music in mission 2.


--- Quote from: Betrayal on May 09, 2014, 08:14:03 am ---there is no music in mission 2.

--- End quote ---
Oh no, not that damn bug again... I thought that got fixed... :mad:

We had strange issues with getting the music to work in missions 2 and 3 of the minicampaign, but thought they were fixed... :sigh:

But thank you for the positive feedback! :)

Looks great! DLing now, hope it lives up to the hype :)


--- Quote from: InsaneBaron on May 09, 2014, 10:55:47 am ---Looks great! DLing now, hope it lives up to the hype :)

--- End quote ---
Hey there InsaneBaron. Would it be too much to ask for you to give us one of your excellent reviews? I'd love that, you know what I think of your reviews. :)

I hope you like it.

Congrats on release, guys!  :yes:
Just played through 2335 and I'm about to start 2334. Quite liking the atmosphere you've made so far, though!
There are a few minor spelling and grammatical errors (particularly in the second mission's briefing, where the word "he" is used instead of "the" a few times), there is the aforementioned lack of music in mission 2, and the default squadron insignia is the Hammer of Light's, but otherwise great work!


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