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Excellent, it appears you have an older gpu, which doesn't support certain functions I use in the shaders, luckily it was just some matrix math I could easily do outside the shader.
This is the PR that fixes it, if you or anyone is interested.

Hey there, is there a way to assign textures through POF? I've imported a ship from Blender that uses the Principled Shader, but none of the linked textures are showing up at all in POF. It just shows a empty menu.

Pof Tools can't use complicated materials, all the .pof has a single reference to a texture name, which it gets from the name of your material, in this case Pelta_Hull_Mat (which you can rename by selecting the entry). Pof Tools will search for a texture with this name in the same folder or a sibling folder called "maps" in order to display at least the base color texture, which is optional.

If you just want it to work in-game, you just need to make sure the name is the same as the eventual texture name of the diffuse texture.

^ Ah okay, so basically if I'm exporting from Blender, I just need to rename the material to share the name of the texture linked to it, and it should show up in POF. Awesome :)

Yep! Note that the image code I use can't display all kinds of .dds, if that's what you're using, so don't be too concerned if still doesn't show in Pof Tools.


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