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BETA RELEASE of my modifications.

I’m releasing a beta version of my modifications
Read the txt file for information and installation and remember to backup.

plz do send me a bug report if this crashes.
Remember to make it understandable, like where in the
Game or FRED2, you where when it crashed, and what you where doing at the time.

Download it here.


And send reports to

-Ok all should be fine now. no more preperations for anything
a checkbox in FRED2, made depart via alt+j a no no  :rolleyes:
[email protected]:rolleyes
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Trying it out now... :)


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Now add the Fighter beam mod from BOB and you have a complete mod:D
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w00t!!! What features are in it?

[edit] never mind...
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In fred2, the "initial order" boutton for the ships is disabled, or is it me?