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Herkie post (October 12)
I got a message from Herkie on FB he asked me to post here (concerning the work to update Reboot and TBG):

"I tested the mission 6-e "Somewhere in the rocks." No problems found. The mission proceeded as planned. I read a post saying there's a bug because the mission failed and the objective was incomplete despite the fact it succeeded.
Actually, the Anagora objective in that mission was meant to be incomplete because it really was, the Anagora escaped. The whole affair is carried over to the next mission. I haven't made it a red alert mission because it wasn't, the pilots will land and rearm aboard the Dauntless though it was not shown in-game. The only hiccup there is the sad failure music in the debrief which I can't do anything but I think it still make sense. The Dauntless captain did said in the debrief "We have determined the Anagora's jump trajectory and we heading there now..."
After the Shivan Comms Nodes were destroyed, the task force jumps out and the player can jump out. Then, after the debrief, the player can proceed to the next mission 6-f which I did. No problems.
It's not a bug. The mission objective Anagora is still on going, incomplete so to speak.

I have fixed the  "loop" bugs in both missions 3-d and 6-e. I accidentally clicked the "toggle loop" button while editing."