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Using Mouse to play FS2?

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I cant see any threads yet, pardon me if I missed it, but I am looking to see if I can play FS2 using a Mouse. I used to play using a stick and controller, but wondered if anyone ever used a Mouse?

Thanks Folks!


You can... and it is very similar to a FPS then.

Even i prefer a stick, in my experience FreeSpace was always easier with a mouse due to the heavy erratic movements you can do with it thanks to today's high DPI rates.
My G940 with its FFB resistance would simply break apart if i would try such maneuvers with a stick :lol:

Even i can partially compensate it with other maneuvers as i have rudder and pedal controls. But the effort is different of course.

I've used mouse to play this game for the last 6 years and it works perfectly fine. Options even has a few settings to finetune it

Hi Fellas! Thanks for the replies :) What kind of a mouse did you use? I was thinking of a 5 point mouse.


Any mouse works. I use a Razer Viper but that's moreso because I like having dpi switches for art and stuff.


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