Author Topic: Running MCO on any Linux/Unix system?  (Read 1643 times)

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Running MCO on any Linux/Unix system?

Has anyone tried running MCO on any Linux/Unix system via Wine?

From what Ive checked even the official MechCommander 2 1.0 is a p.i.t.a. to get running and from what I understand the original source that was made available from which MCO is derived is recompiled as a P.O.C just to show it can be done.


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Re: Running MCO on any Linux/Unix system?

I've tried running MCO under Wine on Linux Mint 17.1, but there hasn't been any success. Maybe using PlayOnLinux could give a different result? I'll have to see...

On the other hand, MCG works mostly fine on my Linux system (through PoL, but that uses Wine anyway).
I say "mostly" simply because the screen is a bit cut off on my monitor, but that could just be something on my end that I haven't checked.


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Re: Running MCO on any Linux/Unix system?
I've run MCG on Linux using Wine as well, everything worked flawlessly for both official campaigns except video playback, which can crash the game (based on a few factors like using a virtual desktop and moving the mouse outside said desktop)

I haven't tried MCO though.
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