Author Topic: Bug in Lightning Marshal, "Liberty Under Fire"  (Read 1828 times)

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Bug in Lightning Marshal, "Liberty Under Fire"
I'm currently playing through Lightning Marshal, or trying to.  On the first mission of "Pilot," the second campaign (first if you're counting The Regulus Campaign as entry 0), I get the following error when the non-MVP Orion (presumably NTD Liberty) jumps in. 

Code: [Select]
Warning: Dockpoint OrestesDock could not be found on model Aeolus.pof
File: missionparse.cpp
Line: 1784

Presumably this means the Aeolus that's attached to it doesn't have a dock point, but looking through the threads from around the campaign's release this doesn't seem to have been a problem before.  This takes me out of the game, which is a real bear as I'm trying to record even though it lets me right back in.  Is there anything to be done? 
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Re: Bug in Lightning Marshal, "Liberty Under Fire"
This error is fixed in version 1.0.2.
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Re: Bug in Lightning Marshal, "Liberty Under Fire"
What was changed since the version is now 1.0.4 (I checked the file size and 1.0.4 is a few hundred MB larger than 1.0.2)?

Re: Bug in Lightning Marshal, "Liberty Under Fire"
New NTD Liberty.