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General Discussion / 2018 HLP Book Club
« Last post by Luis Dias on April 20, 2018, 05:08:39 pm »
Kinda late to build this thread, but here we are. It reflects my total lack of book reading for the past 5 years now, due to personal family complications (also why I basically stopped playing games as well), but recently I managed to restart this all too precious activity.

I obviously kickstarted all of this with Seth Dickinson's Great debut.

I had lots of thoughts about this book, but not very clear headed nor systematic, so I refrained from commenting on it when I finally read it two months ago. Here are some of them, fragmented as they may be:

English is not my first language, and thus I am not a good critic of its usage in the aesthetical sense. Nevertheless, I could only feel its total mastery at the helm of the entire book. I loved several things in it. I loved the intrigue, obviously, but the politics as well. I loved this notion of power dynamics overwhelming human relationships to the point of demanding discipline in all human behaviors to the point of oppression, in order for something as powerful as the masquerade empire to function.

I loved the Herbert elements in it, basically exchanging magic for "Mentats" in a fantasy medieval setting, and the whole book almost reads like science fiction: what would happen if you could have such incredible knowledge about economics and sociology (at perhaps even better levels than our actual world currently), so that you could dominate colonies and foreign territories with mere brains and very subtle, systemic interference?

Related, my favorite part of the book is when Baru carefully explains how she is going to destroy the entire first rebellion.

Spoilers ensue, so beware. (no, I hate spoiler tags, so beware again.)

The plot moves fluidily through the various themes of the book, apparently never letting anything insightful out of the hook. I'd suggest that the way the empire is constantly portrayed as this evil thing from the get go, makes it slightly less nuanced and interesting. Surely this object should have some benefits for its existence, but they're never even referenced, as far as I remember (I can be awfully wrong, ofc).

And then there's that final bit. I can't quite put my finger on exactly why I kinda disliked it, but the word that comes to mind is "tired". Hyperboling a bit, it's as if at this point, the story is just going through the motions which were long before decided, but no longer really believed. I won't say it's a Shyamallanian twist, because that would be too harsh, but I can't but feel this weird turn of events reeks of some ... lack of restraint.

I know, the overall trilogy plot needed this twist, I know. I just don't feel it works that well. And it sort of kills the main character for me going further. Why would I care about this character which is utterly destroying everything in her path, in order to get herself into maybe, possibly, perhaps, in a position where she can do some harm in the Masquerade? It looks a tad ridiculous. Why wouldn't the Masquerade just kill her on the spot right there at the end? Are they so naive they don't know her intents? How can such an empire read through all of what she accomplished in that last rebellion, knowing full well she was on their pocket all the time, and then fail to understand her to the end?

I dunno, I feel all of this was not well set up for me. Nevertheless, on the whole I really loved reading it, and it was a breath of fresh air, coming out of a celibacy of this stuff right into a great book as it is.

My second book (books) were the Three Body Problem trilogy.

Wow. I had no idea what I was going to get myself into. It blew me away. But my time is up here, so all I can really say about it is how incredibly powerful most of its ideas were, and I'll never forget the picture of a flattened bunch of planets as a landscape of glooming impending final doom. Just delightful books. I cannot recommend them more, but I'm also sure most of you already have read them a long time ago. Oh well.
General Discussion / Re: Auralnauts - The last laser master
« Last post by Colonol Dekker on April 20, 2018, 04:51:07 pm »
I thank you on behalf of the creators for your appreciation.   
General Discussion / Re: *SPOILER THREAD* Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by Colonol Dekker on April 20, 2018, 04:48:36 pm »
I don't think these films are as complex as the fans are making out.
General Discussion / Re: Music Thread 2018
« Last post by Colonol Dekker on April 20, 2018, 04:40:42 pm »
I like the smooth cool beat.
General Discussion / Re: Music Thread 2018
« Last post by The E on April 20, 2018, 03:31:46 pm »

Maximum the Hormone - Nigirrrrrrrre!

This is not an official music video, but it is almost better than any official video could be
The Babylon Project / Re: [SOLVED] How to fix space backgrounds?
« Last post by wesp5 on April 20, 2018, 03:10:12 pm »
It's a five minute fix, but it would then require me reuploading and everyone else redownloading the whole of TBP. So no point in doing it now.

So the current version runs on wxlauncher 0.12?

We are in open beta. Anyone who wants SVN access can have it.

Yeah, but this is kind of an developer open beta with just a handful of people involved. When I release a patch tenthousand of people download it and if only 10% report bugs they find, it's much easier to me than to replay the game a hundred times over myself...

As for checking the TBP beta, if I find the time I can test the Starfury Missions which I patched myself. I know a bit about them and they would be another great thing to add to TBP 3.5 from the start as they more or less replay the most badass TV show battles :)!
It will inspire Croberts to build an actual satellite and sell jpegs of the planets it finds

tbf I would love to see another take on the space telescope.

:grin: They (the government in this case) actually sold deeds to real star system in Liu Cixin's excellent Rememberance of Earth's past trilogy to fund the fledgling space industry.

This is gonna be a thing in real life as well. Ya bet it will be at some point. After all who's gonna say no to paying off all national debt and let some billionaire's have some claim to some distant star no one's ever gonna reach in the next couple hundred years, if at all anyways. But hey, you can say you own a Star. And just imagine THAT as a gift.... what girl would say no?  :nod: ;7 :lol:
It will inspire Croberts to build an actual satellite and sell jpegs of the planets it finds

tbf I would love to see another take on the space telescope.
I found this cool starfury model on blendswap by someone named ChrisKhun and I want to try and see if I can get this implemented into the Babylon Project mod (And hopefully get it to work as a cockpit model for the starfuries. (You can see the model in blender in Pictures 1 and 2)

Problem is that its not UV Textured so I want to figure out how to get it textured properly. Problem is that when looking at the UV Mapping (3rd Picture) it seems as the majority of the UV is small in the top right corner. Zoomed in (Picture 4) shows the UV Maps is the top of the starfury model.

I'm not sure how could I get this UV Textured. Is there a way to remap the UVs in blender?
It will inspire Croberts to build an actual satellite and sell jpegs of the planets it finds
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