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hey, where can I get a cockpit for that TIE I am making? and I am going to need a pilot. if you post one please post it in .cob format, since my model has reached that stage now. 
ps: my tie is almost done! I just need to UV map the cockpit!


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I really couldn't tell you, never seen a cockpit model for a TIE before.  As of yet, everyone's just making their own cockpits to go with their models.
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You can probably get ideas from, they have a couple models with some nice cockpits, if you can find a way to open/view them that is.  Other than that, ANH has a few scenes with a lot of cockpit showing, but I don't know where you can find a source model that you can actually use.  Turambar did make a Rebel pilot though, maybe you can use that as a start for an imp pilot.  I'd ask him.
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just make a basic person

then steal the helmet from the jedi academy version, which is probably in my a-wing thread
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The Tie model cockpit is rather high poly  :)
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All of the Star Wars fighters have official cockpits.

I play Star Wars Galaxies. It's a good practical three dimensional source for Star Wars canon **** (more or less, mostly more). I actually play it for that reason alone more or less.

If you're looking to stay on point, you can't just slap any **** on there.

Now as far as the Imperial TIE cockpit goes, tough **** on that one since I'm neither an Imperial nor a Rebel pilot (I went the YT-1300 way and got the Millenium Falcon), but I could probably ask people for screenshots of it on the forum or something.