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Star wars media vps
hey, I got this idea. how about we make are own media vps? you see what I was thinking of was since we usually make huge textures then scale them down, why not realease different vp packs w\ the release? there will be the main pack with standard textures size 512*512, and the standard effect size to be 256*256, then we could have a high rez pack, standard texture size 1024*1024, and standard effects to be 512*512. and finally we could have super high rez effects and low rez stuff for the people with 64mb graphics cards and 128mb ram. what do you guys think?


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Re: Star wars media vps
nice idea, but i'd prefer to have the main mod first. everything else is second


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Re: Star wars media vps
yes, before we have .vp's we gotta have stuff to put into the .vp's
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Re: Star wars media vps
yeah, I know, just wanted to tell you guys so when we are that far along, I wont forget.


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Re: Star wars media vps
I'm hoping that with some intensive LODing and detail boxing, this mod should look amazing and still play well on a fairly low end pc.  But if that doesn't happen I don't see anything wrong with making the super detail stuff an addon.
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