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I haven't followed you for a long while for a number of reasons, but I'm glad you're still delivering state of the art content. I will definitely check this board out more often. Glad to know you're developing many new designs, as well - I always thought BSG lacked the variety many other sci-fi continuities had. :yes:

Yes things are still happening :)  I'm very excited about the future for this project!

All I got to say is it's amazing! I took an IT Director job in DC for 7 years and had no time to play anymore.
I just got through Shattered Armistice and it's frakking awesome!

Bryan See:
Me too, but I got a lot of Android app development lately... Looking forward to the new release though :)

I went through and dug up where I left off with a Stealthstar model....
I got a lot of work to do with the texturing and conversions yet from Rhinoceros 5.
So far I got Max 9 and Deep Exploration along with all of the old FS modeling tools installed.
Now I'm just going to plink around trying to get a handle on the process again.  :D

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