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A fair warning, 1.1 or 1.1.1 deleted my progress and I have to start all over again.  Someone in the 1.1 thread also reported this, which if I was smart I would have read and backed up my game first.  A mod replied to the other person who reported it happening that it should not have done that, but being it also happened to me I wanted to post here it IS a possibility. 

Yeah, it's a possibility whenever you upgrade to anything with the new pilot code from something which didn't have it (so 1.1 to 1.1.1 should be perfectly safe). As stated on the 1.1 thread, the original player files aren't actually gone, it's simply that the new version doesn't use them. So with luck you can get one of the coders familiar with the pilot file code to fix the issue.

I figured out what has caused the problem:

Version 1.0 keeps your pilot data under C:\Games\Diaspora\Data\players\single\inferno however post 1.1 & 1.1.1 patch, my player files were saving into C:\Games\Diaspora\Data\players\ and the old ones were renamed with .pl2 and .cs2, instead of .plr and .csg which were the original file names.  I tried to rename the original files back to the correct extension and put them back into the folder they belong, but it does not show up in the game when prompted to pick a pilot, and then deletes the saves for the new ones it forces me to make. 

My guess is somewhere in those pilot save files is a version number, and because the version is not matching up with the game version its not allowing me to use that pilot record.  If this is the case when the patch does it's thing, it should have modified the pilot file with the new version number.  I am still playing around to see if I can fix the issue myself, possibly with a hex editor or some other file editor.  I have backed up my pilot file in case I break something, and hope to have a fix posted here soon as I can figure out how to trick the game into reading my pre-patch save game.

Oooh, ouch, no, no, please don't move the pilot files around and change the extensions.  They have different binary formats and that's very likely to bust them up "real good".

.cs2 & .pl2 files always belong in C:\Games\Diaspora\Data\players\single\inferno
.csg & .plr files always belong in C:\Games\Diaspora\Data\players\

There is a conversion process built in to the executable that should convert the cs2/pl2 files into the csg/plr format. I do not recommend trying to convert between the formats using a hex editor, there are far too many changes. If you could attach your cs2/pl2 files to a post, I can have a look at them and try to figure out why the conversion process is not working correctly for your pilot.

These are the ones that were in the ones that I think have me saved at mission 6; thank you very much for fixing the issue so I don't have to start over!

FYI I think these originally said pl2 and cs2, but again I changed the extension to try and fix things.  My guess is the files in the \players folder had been overwritten when I started up the game and found I was on mission 1.  If I delete all four of those files and start a new game, there is nothing under the "\single" folder and the "\players" folder has two files that are 2bk and 5kb, so I know the 54kb file must still have my save game information.


FYI, I ran through mission 1 and it has not added anything to the /inferno folder however the save in the /player folder has gone from 5kb to 10kb, so it looks like that's the save it's now using.  I am assuming that means the files in the inferno folder were the old save files (hence the 54kb file size) and take it that folder is no longer used by the new patch?  Anyway, that's about all I can do on my end, thank you for your help and I hope the files provided help as they are about all I have post-patch from the old save game; anything else has been overwritten by the patch.

Take Care,

Edit 2:  So I first deleted just the saves in the /players folder, then changed the file extensions in /inferno BACK to the correct pl2 and cs2, then uninstalled the game 1.1.1 (which keeps your saves) and reinstalled 1.0 again.  I loaded up 1.0 and my save files worked; I am back to mission 6 with everything working just fine. 

I quit, and installed patch 1.1, then instead of just moving onto installing the second patch [1.1.1], I first opened the game thinking that might fix the problem.  It did not, and I was once again back to mission 1.  The first time I patched 1.1 and then installed 1.1.1 before opening the game, so trying both ways do not fix the problem, for some reason my save games wont convert.  Having uninstalled and reinstalled trying the patch twice, I think its safe to say whatever is happening can be replicated and is not a fluke.  The game is installed to C:\Games\Freespace2 (NOT the Programs folder) and I am running Windows 7 x64 SP1.

I really thought uninstalling the game, reinstalling it, opening my save file, quitting, patching to 1.1 and opening the game again would solve the issue, but alas it has not.  At least the old save game works under 1.0 still so i have not managed to mess anything up by changing the file extension and trying to move it around.  Again, the old save game (pl2 & cs2 in the inferno folder) work just fine with version 1.0 but will not convert therefore wont work with the patches.

Hope this extra info helps.  Not trying to be a PITA, just trying to post what I know to help the devs and others who may have the problem.  Thanks!

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