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Release: Between The Ashes [UPDATED 5th of April 2024]

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Pushed out another quick hotfix. I will not tolerate mission soft-locks!

Also resolved a handful of issues regarding key rebinds.

Another Core patch today that fixes a major issue causing the incorrect cutscene to play at end-game!

Core has once again been patched to fix an issue where progression would stall if you skipped a mission.

Core updated to fix a lot of bugs. A LOT.

This biggest fixes an issue that ceases all tracked campaign progress if you skip a mission in any way. This should fix checkpoints, cutscenes, journal entries (won't load ones you missed, though), and snail saving.

Fix some spelling errors.

Fix issue that allowed the Cardinal to be disabled in m2_08.

Just kidding, last cutscene mission wasn't fixed, but now it is. Update again today if you already did.


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