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BtA is always meant to be played on the latest official release of FSO. The options issue is likely because 22.2 is too old.

EDIT: Surprisingly, there is an issue with newer builds and I'm honestly shocked this didn't come up sooner. This should have broken nearly a year ago. BtA 1.7.5 is going up to address it. Use it with 23.2.0

I've got a bug with the Black Flag mission. I've played BtA before, and I don't recall having this issue in the past, but my ship's primary and secondary banks are completely empty; nothing is shown in the bottom right, no ECM device (though I can still use it with Alt+Shift+D) and, more importantly, no Force-CXI bug in the primaries.. meaning the mission is impossible to complete. I've updated to the latest version of BtA, I'm also running the latest version of FSO (24.0, right?)

I've encountered a similar bug in other games before, where I had ships completely devoid of primaries, when something SHOULD have been there. It's always happened when the primary in question is some kind of custom weapon, I think...

EDIT: Hold up.. something is REALLY wrong here. After looking further into it, I discovered there should have been another mission before this, Gerar's Judgement, which, upon completing, unlocks the Force-CXI. However.. the last mission I did was Hammer's Edict. It skipped right over to Black Flag!

EDIT 2: Nevermind... I'm replaying, and I DID do Gerar's Judgement. I got confused though because it was not listed in the mission simulator, therefore I got to thinking I never did the mission. However, there is an odd bug with Gerar's Judgement, where I have the "Return to base" objective as soon as it starts. Not sure if this has anything to do with it not registering as finished... I'll see how it turns out after this run.

EDIT 3: Well, back to Black Flag, and this time, I have the Force-CXI. Not sure what caused the bug before, but I guess something weird happened with the previous mission. Maybe the Cadiz got destroyed? I don't remember. Another difference is that this time I had a headline and editorial become available to read prior to Black Flag, which I'm pretty sure didn't happen before.


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