Author Topic: Google Cardboard - Stereoscopic 3D?  (Read 493 times)

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Google Cardboard - Stereoscopic 3D?
I purchased a Google Cardboard model recently, and that got me thinking whether stereoscopic 3D could be implemented in fs2_open - just two cameras next to each other, right? But what do I know, lol.
Is something like this less than non-trivial, or at least possible in the engine's current state?

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Re: Google Cardboard - Stereoscopic 3D?

Stereoscopic 3D requires the game engine to render everything twice.  Whether it's Google Cardboard, Oculus, or anything else, you need one image per eye.  Right now the game engine only renders images once, and it would require a fairly comprehensive overhaul to change that.

So, barring a team of graphics coders who have the time and expertise to do this gigantic rewrite, it's not happening.

Re: Google Cardboard - Stereoscopic 3D?
Well, not completely neccesary perhaps, if the game does support ReShade. There is an interesting post on the OpenMR Forums targeted at VR headsets compatible with SteamVR. Haven't gotten to try it but it sounds a viable solution.