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RELEASE: Cardinal Spear

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Admiral Nelson:
The FSPort team is proud to announce the release of Cardinal Spear.

--- Quote ---In the tenth year of our war against the Vasudans, humanity had attempted one last desperate strike to end the war outright - a spear in the dark.  The Cardinal Fleet had been laid ruin, and the crew of the GTD Agamemnon was being hunted by a Vasudan general.  It was too late for victory, but not too late for vengeance...
--- End quote ---

The campaign includes high poly planet models, Lightspeed Nebulae backgrounds, full voice acting, and a metric boatload of exploding Vasudans!  Defend the Earth at its greatest need:


Concept and Original FS1 Campaign: Adam "Ace" Rorabaugh

High Poly Planets / High Rez Planet Textures:  Herra Tohtori
New Suns: m2258734a

Hard Light Voice Actors:

Getter Robo G
Ransom Arceihn
Admiral Nelson

Download the core package (FSMods)
Download the voice acting package (FSMods)

If you are having problems with planet textures and have a low end computer, download the low rez planets kindly provided by Jeff Vader, with invaluable help from Herra Tohtori and Admiral Nelson.

Low Res Planet Package

Dark Hunter:
I am soooo playing this right now! :yes:

EDIT: Or not... I grab the voices and then when I try to grab the main campaign it says FilePlanet is down for maintenance...  :doubt:

Admiral Nelson:
Fileplanet did work for me now.  I have also added Filefront mirrors.

Jeff Vader:
Ah, 'twas an enjoyable campaign  :yes:. Just had that something that demanded to play it through straight away. And I especially liked the voice of the squadron leader, or whoever it was who was giving the mission briefings. Had a certain degree of authority in his voice.

Now, again with my disturbing graphical issues, this time involving planets. The screens should speak for themselves.

Any ideas what might be causing this? It didn't ruin the whole experience, but was slightly annoying to look at.

Admiral Nelson:
I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

I suspect that your graphics corruption is again related to the graphics subsystem of your laptop.  The planets have big dds files for textures, that perhaps are too much for the shared memory subsystem.  One option might be to halve the size of the textures, and see if the issue goes away.


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