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FreeSpace Port 3.7 + FSPort Media VPs Release!

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What was in last week's update (4.6.8)?

Just changing the file extensions in one of the music tables to be consistent.  OGG when it supplies OGG, and WAV when it supplies WAV.

Version 4.6.9 is a small update that fixes sound measure lengths for the HQ music package.  A larger update for MediaVPs 4.7.x will be released soon.

The FSPort MediaVPs have now been updated to 4.7.  Most of the changes are on the standard MediaVPs side and can be seen here.  On the Port MediaVPs side:

* New weapon effects by Kestrellius
* New script configuration TBMs to work with the new MediaVP scripts
* FSPort mod title and version now appear in the main hall
* A docking path error has been fixed on the Karnak
There is one known issue:

--- Code: ---Warning: fs1_effects-wep.tbm(line 723):
Warning: Unknown particle effect name 'TrailTreb1Red' encountered while parsing 'Phoenix V#Shivan'!
File: parselo.cpp
Line: 322
--- End code ---
This will be fixed by Kestrellius in the next few days

I got an "MVPS is missing" message


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