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Hud gauges in the FSPort MediaVPs

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Latest update borks the HUD, getting huge icons and comm windows again. No problems with 4.3.1.

Can you post a screenshot?

These are all taken at 1280 x 720.

FSPort MVPs 4.3.1:

FSPort MVPs 4.3.2:

FS2 MVPs 4.3.3 (same look in 4.3.1):

Well, take a screenshot of the most recent MediaVPs and post that too, for comparison's sake.  Edit it into your post.

The new hud gauge tbl in FSP-MVPs is almost exactly the same as the one in the latest MVPs; it just uses the FS1 style instead of the FS2 style.

You mean the FS2 upgrade MVPs?

EDIT: Threw in a screen from High Noon.


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