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+file name:  scptrackir64.dll
There are many other ways to get access to the magical player camera controlling scptrackir.dll besides TrackIR. I do not use TrackIR. TrackIR works fine, but is totally unnecessary and way overpriced. And the retail software is bad and assumes you are stupid.
I do not use OPenTrack rn, but it is amazing and I have used a few of it's inputs and outputs for FreeSpace and other games in various weird ways.
If you do not use head tracking:
...and absolutely refuse to get it/try it, you will have no way to see past/around the cockpit geometry. That may or may not be ok with you. It will also be much harder to keep track of your vector (direction). "Keyboard lean" might be available soon to mitigate this. But seriously dude you're missing out just get it. It's cheap. It's free if you are good at computers. There is a "generic cockpit" that will be much more playable. Modify the fs1cp-shp.tbm file accordingly. Just copy the entries for the Ursa or Angel (using TerranCP.pof). You'll also need to change the $ships flags in the -hdg.tbm gauges files. Follow the Ursa example. Sorry, but if I provide backwards compatibility, then fewer people will try it in it's proper form. Half of you nerds have legit retail TrackIR already, and are too lazy to set it up/plug it in/charge the batteries/install the software/whatever. FFS people  :lol: Using the old generic cockpit might solve the visibility problem, but not the orientation and situational awareness problem. (where am I coming/going and how fast?) so use mouselook/POV hat/thumbstick maybe, but "your mileage may vary". Please check out OpenTrack. There are some legit ways to get very good frames in sim games. Smartphones are good now, and other weird projects.
$DIFFICULTY /Multiplayer Respawns
If you don't die in Eve of Destruction turn it up to hard or insane. I recommend zero respawns and restarting the mission on any player death. Work together.
+I may add this note to the briefing on the added player notes screen.
Nightly builds are required. This mod is bleeding edge, but it's stable (shouldn't crash)
If you try and play for more than 60 seconds:
please bind all of the controls and try them out. This includes:
toggle glide, press glide, lateral and reverse thrust  ctrl,space,a,s,d, an analog throttle, and  k,l,o for zoom
if you want other keys and don't know how see below. controls are hard I'll get there
The modular format was just awful to prepare and maintain, so that's gone. The only optional packages now are the two zooms and there's no optional mod dependencies anymore. Knossos just really wasn't designed to do that, even if it's technically possible.
Deferred cockpit lighting is now available. Please turn it on in FSO settings and also leave the other "deferred" checkbox checked. Adjust lighting features according to preference in the F3 lab. This is like pressing F2 for options but in the mainhall only I think(?) The older specular and ambient settings might look ok idk.
$FOV & zoom:
I'd advise against this, for reasons, but If you change FOV, then you must change the corresponding value in the zoom script, which should be easy. (NormalFOV) The script is simple.
The missions all in this format:
gl;hf with anything else. It's there for modders.
Launch from multi for Act 1 and Act 2 Great War missions.

This is a Work In Progress.
Also it's my first attempt at... well lots of stuff.
Caveat Emptor. Management is not responsible for any and all unhapiness.
Use this thread or come to the Discord for updates, or to help me figure out how to do the rest. Testers/collaborators/requests/bug reports all warmly welcomed. Feedback on the flight and physics balance is most needed.

Now included:

NEW: Time Attack Gauntlet - Try to get Primary, Secondary, and Bonus objectives in under 10 minutes. GTF Valkyrie is the obvious choice for speed, but it's poor shields and armour + small secondary capacity make it a challenge. Any ship can beat it though and the multi warhead secondaries make quick work of the Shivan hunters.

Re-Scaled "Great War" Act 1 missions
(see the post below)
I'll be adding my tips to the briefings (eventually), so check there.
Looks for the filenames beginning with "S_FS1".

Silent Threat: Reborn

Internally Rendered Cockpits
with new tactical gauges, no Virtual HUD, RTT messages etc.
(These are basically done for now)
GTF Apollo
GTF Ulysses
GTF Loki
GTB Medusa
GTF Valkyrie
GTF Hercules
GTB Athena
GTB Zeus

still using the generic cockpit

GTB Ursa

Modern Thruster Inputs + Glide for all GTFs and GTBs
Realistic Momentum (and advanced control) for ALL small craft
Newtonian Velocity Vector for all ships and weapons
Basic Zoom Script -  Just the L Button
Advanced Zoom Script - L = in 10%, K = out 10%, O = reset to 0%
3D Velocity Vector Script

Major hurdles:
Vasudan cockpits - plz halp  :confused:

Coming Soon:
FreeSpace Multiplayer for Dummies YouTube Spectacular
also boring head tracking tutorial videos upon request
Hacky support for some VR headsets  :eek2: ETA early 2023
B i t c h i n  Betty with mission-event based messages (not just ship status warnings - kind of like in the old Mechwarrior titles)
event based music tracks.
Hercules MkII
Act 2-3 of FS1

Thruster sounds:
These are hooked to keypresses for the time being. This will be done differently in the future, but I haven't decided which way. For now, replace a,s,d,ctrl,space with your controls in thrust_snd-sct.tbm

Something still breaks "observer mode" in multiplayer, probably the zoom or the vector indicator. Don't click "observer mode" when it comes up, and everything will be fine.

I've reorganized everything in a modular kind of way after doing it differently and after lots of feedback. The above post was updated too. I'll put some notes for modders here soon...
but the short explanation is that the 3 "utility" mods are meant to be easily used as resources outside of my "modpacks".

Nice work. :yes:

UPDATE: The packages were all wrong before and everything was required. Sorry about that it should be fixed now thanks to some unintentional testers.

GTF Loki now available.
Serial's FS1 Cockpits 1.2.0


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