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Changed the radar in "Serial's FS1 cockpits" HUD. Looks more clear and takes up more of that spot.

Some minor cockpit offset changes, probably bringing the eyepoint a touch further down in 2 or 3 ships. Might be a matter of preference. I wrote instructions on how to easily find the value you want and change it. It's in Discord, but will repost if someone needs.

Streamlined packaging (again) for FS1 and STR packs.

Will Probably make a good change to the ai/flying stuff, that I've tested. It's so much fun to play and hopefully the new version will be not too hard / not too strange.

there's a 2 player copy of Warship Gauntlet for practice w/ a friend against a dangerous but slow target


Eliminating Virtual HUD gauges...

The new set is practical for Z-axis lean. You kind of have the shields and target monitor still in your face if you are leaning forwards, but they're positioned to still be nicely angled/viewable from the default position. These might be a little different on each ship.
Also: back by popular demand.... (read: torches and pitchforks)  the radar in bottom center position!!!

attempt #2 for the apollo will be in an update today

That looks great  :yes:

I particularly like the velocity vector and gun chase indicator (and now have a hankering for someone to remaster and rebalance the FS2 campaign for glide and strafe)


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