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Wiki Account Request
Hey -

I've joined up with the SNTC campaign team and have been developing pretty hard the past few weeks, so if the admins deem me worthy I'd like a wiki account please. Thanks!

~ Abaddon
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Re: Wiki Account Request
It's not about worthy, purely about not being a robot. :)

I'm sure Goober or someone with the power will hook you up momentarily.
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Re: Wiki Account Request
You know Black Wolf, you yourself have the power to create accounts on the wiki. :p

Abaddon, I've created your account and PMmed you the password.


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Re: Wiki Account Request
Hello guys,

I did not want to open a new topic because its just the same.

I wanted to implement ship images with the turret location and arming. I opened a topic in the FRED section and the people they told me i should do this in the wiki.

So i am asking for a wiki account and a little help with implementing the images.


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Re: Wiki Account Request
I created your wiki account and sent you a PM.


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May I have a wiki account?  Thanks.
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PM sent.