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Hosting Request - Shattered Stars
Woutersmits suggested that we could have a project website for Shattered Stars, currently WiP.

It has been recently switched to standalone total conversion, meaning that it doesn't require FS2 retail and its MediaVPs to run. Thus, it became the first original TC mod since Spoon's Wings of Dawn. Originally, it was designed as a FS2 mod/campaign akin to Dimensional Eclipse.

In Shattered Stars, all fighters have glide/sidethrust/reverse AB (and other maneuverability in the style of Diaspora and Wing Commander Saga), and can move around at around 500m/s at top speed, while cruisers and other warships move at 350 m/s and less as size increases. This provides a more realistic combat like in Diaspora, but a little different, taking place over larger distances, and being much aggressively faster in general. It is set in a universe entirely unrelated to FreeSpace 2's in order to have more freedom for the new mechanics, setting it in the same universe as the 2012 Total Recall movie remake, albeit expanded and without any single reference to the film's fantasy narrative in any form.

The Story:
You are a pilot serving the 609th Crimson Elephants of the 14th Fleet in the GRW, which has started fighting a war against an evil race of extraterrestrials belonging to an extragalactic government known as the Authority in the midst of discovering the human species originating from Sol.

Design Philosophy:
In designing Shattered Stars, I prioritized balance between never-before-seen gameplay elements and storytelling, or assets, and emphasised realism, with quality in mind. The mod largely uses a collection of public assets, and other specific need-based things created by myself on the spot to suit specific needs. I plan to keep progress fluid and adaptable as my team expands.

Team (as of now, I plan to expand):
Bryan See - FREDing, Modpack, Project Lead
Woutersmits - FREDing


Moddb page for now. It's been established in 2015. If you want me to make an actual full webpage, I'll make one but it will take quite some time, but I have plans to look for someone to do this.

Other Info:
We have GitHub covered, easy for anyone to view progress. You can download the mod. It's a proof of concept of not only what Shattered Stars would have been back then, but also represents my current development iteration.

All we need is one public board for people to talk about random stuff in, and 1 private board for team discussions.

I haven't decided for our badger yet so that we could be approved.

If I missed anything required, please let me know.

P.S. just call the forums Shattered Stars.

Shattered Stars
Prepare for the reckoning of the cosmos.

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Re: Hosting Request - Shattered Stars
Please read the following and demonstrate how you qualify:
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