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Ace Pace:
The SWTC is THE website for technical information.

But i'll pimp

Not a ****load of images, but some very good stuff.


For X-wing man...this does to XW:A what SCP does to FS2...incedible detail in some of these models (includes an option to have a 17.6 km F(_)CKING HUGE!!) it also spruces up alot of the old load times are a bit's worth it...the Calamari cruisers...look like what they look like in the poly...REALLY...high poly...

Btw...that's huh? ;7

[internal secret]We already have that model, but it is not working in FS yet[/internal secret]

do you have the MC-40? MC-75? MC-80a/b/c MC-90 MC-109?

if not...take the time to play with the update's...awesome...the BoE...really feels like the BoE...except no HomeOne...well...there's a HomeOne model...but...I have to fudge it to make it in the mission somehow...

We don't have any of the Mon Calamaries.
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