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In development since 2006, Earth Defense was originally started by a group of Polish modders trying to make the ultimate mod. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? But this wasn't just another overly ambitious project started by one person in a futile attempt to create FS3. This was a vision, a dream, a nightmare; it was the combined effort of a whole community working together towards one common goal - Creating one really bad ass mod.

Unfortunately, the fruits of their labour were plucked a little too early, before they had time to ripen. In a foolish last-minute decision in late 2007, it was decided that Earth Defense would be released on Christmas Day of 2007. What should've taken weeks or even months was compressed into a few days, and the mod was released as it was - On schedule, but incomplete. What the public saw was the release of the Christmas Earth Defense Demo, a mangled, incomplete and bug-ridden mess. This was the biggest blunder of the Earth Defense team. The Earth Defense Demo, for the numerous reasons explained below, should not be considered part of the current Earth Defense continuity.

Following the unfortunate mistake, Earth Defense entered a state of temporary limbo and no progress was made in the earlier part of 2008. However, in mid 2008, the team members got together and discussed a complete overhaul of the entire mod. Thus, in May of 2008, the 'true' Earth Defense mod was born. In the next few months massive work was done on the project, the entire modpack had to be built from the ground up. An entirely new storyline was drafted and work restarted. And that's not to mention all of the background art and music we've already lined up. Many new members were recruited, and the project soon expanded. We can't give a release date, but we can tell you that FREDing is well underway and most of our mods are already in-game.

And why was this thread created? Why, to show off this shiny stuff, of course. You can find more screenshots on our website and forum, linked below.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Website and Forum

If you're interested, you can go check out our website too.

   Game Warden Earth Defense Website

And our Mod DB page:

   Earth Defense on Mod DB


   Earth Defense Forum

Teaser Trailer

We've also created a quick teaser trailer for you guys to chew on. It was created before the 3.6.10 Media VP release, though, so it's slightly out of date. We've got a lot of better effects now.

You can the teaser trailer watch it here:

Streaming - YouTube
Download - Game Warden

Plot Synopsis

Once again, the GTVA is in turmoil. The aftermath of Capella, 20 years ago, has manifested in widespread unhappiness throughout the Terran and Vasudan populace. However, political strife and scheming have begun to decay the established government from the inside out. As a new Vasudan leadership emerges, a breakaway faction forms - the Vasudan Reformation Camp.

Immediately, the GTVA is plunged into yet another full-scale war against a well-equipped, separatist force intent on destruction on a galactic scale - But this is not even half the story. Behind the fog of war, hidden in the shadows, the Security Council plans its next move. And as the way back to the Terran homeworld is becoming clear, the end of all civilization rises up over the horizon.

And nothing will ever be the same again.


well look at those pics... interesting... now another mod to wait for.. :D


:eek2: Like, totally Vasudanised Myrmidon-type things (that's just what came to my mind at first glance).

Are you considering doing any voice acting btw? Not mandatory I know.

EDIT: Ah yes, I see from the thread in your forum that that is indeed the case.


--- Quote ---Are you considering doing any voice acting btw? Not mandatory I know.
--- End quote ---
Defineately yes.


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