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White glow? I don't remember seeing one of those in HW1...

Either way, that's an issue for the source code as the hyperspace effect only drags an effect over the hull. I wish it could do a 3d POF like the subspace warpout but that won't work since it would need to be scaled ingame.

Commander Zane:
Yeah, it's an effect in HW2, but it would at least keep people from seeing inside the ship as it's halfway through the rift.

Unfortunately, there's no way to do that as it stands right now...I wish there was though! Perhaps by the time of release it may be included in a build. That was also something obscured for the most part by the POF file used for the subspace animation.

I'm not a fan of HW, but that doesn't prevent me from appreciating your work. Keep it up! :yes:

YEAH ! Old school HW is just great, especially when the old music score is there as well :)


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