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As you might or might not know, Homeworld : Blue Planet aims at transposing the Blue Planet universe into a Real Time Strategy setting, using the Homeworld 2 engine. This mod uses assets directly converted from BP, and adapted for use in the HW2 engine.

ModDB home page here for those interested.

Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions about the mod and its gameplay. Given that this mod is much more about pure gameplay than story (SP is something that might happen very late in the project, if at all), there is much less risk of spoilers than the average FS mod, so I'm pretty much free to talk about stuff and progress.

Very interested in what comes out of this project. Homeworld 1 and 2 were some of my favorite games years back. Being able to command a strikegroup of UEF or Tev forces would make me revisit it. I just hope my CD still works.

What would this feature exactly? GTVA-UEF civil war only, or added Shivans/Vishnans or mostly focusing on AoA?

General Battuta:
Everything he's done so far is GTVA-UEF, going off the ModDB page and vids.

I am mostly focused on the WiH part, although I hope Shivans and Vishnans will happen soon enough.


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