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2015-10-02 - Announcing Worthy of Survival

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No doubt the quiet from the Diaspora team has caused some people to believe the project is dead or sleeping. That's not actually true. Work has been continuing (albeit slowly) internally. I think it's time we told you what's been going on.

Firstly and most importantly things have been very quiet on the art and modelling side. For this reason we've decided to temporarily halt work on End of Line. That campaign was simply too ambitious to make unless we can get some more modellers on board. While we have a lot of new assets already made and working in game, we still lack a few things we'd need to make that campaign and waiting for them would result in further long delays. Fortunately though we do have a back up plan.

Diaspora Release 2 will now be a campaign called Worthy of Survival which will follow the story of a Valkyrie class Battlestar during the fall of the colonies. FREDding on the campaign is already underway (with yours truly currently set to do all the missions). I'm going to keep the exact plot line under wraps but you can expect a non-linear campaign in which the players actions have a large effect on the eventual outcome of the story (even more so than in Diaspora R1 or Beyond the Red Line). I can show you a drawing of the commander of the Valkyrie-class Battlestar which will be your home for the campaign though.

When will Worthy of Survival be finished?

There's no way for us to know. It depends on how busy individual members of the team are with their real lives. The fact that we're already at the mission design stage is a good thing though. FREDding is a long-winded task but it usually proceeds much faster for us than modelling.

What new ships will be in it?

You can expect to see the Valkyrie class battlestar, several new ships from the rag tag fleet and a couple of Cylon assets you've never seen before.

Is this the end of the line for End of Line?

Nope. If we can get the models we need for it, we'll still be making that campaign. If anyone is interested in helping us with that, check the team recruitment post here.

Can you show us some screenshots?

Of course.

The new Cylon assets you are looking at are the comms array from Razor and the Acolyte, one of StarSlayer's creations (like the Theseus) which has been modelled by Newman. You saw a teaser of it in the End of Line poster but this is the first time we're releasing shots that show a little bit more of what the ship looks like. You'll be seeing more of it in a later blog posts most likely.

Oh hell yeah, I'm getting excited!

 :) Now that's good news! Finally shooting some toasters again - someday soon at least. And also: NON-LINEAR  :D Sounds like some nights are gonna be wasted on this. Oh well, sleep is for the weak. :lol:

EDIT: One more question: Does this pic mean that we actually get to see that guy in the campaigns briefing and debriefing cutscenes? Or did you just create it, because you could do it? :)

Exciting stuff!

Great to hear, been looking forward to more Diaspora! :)


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