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Need some help (Linux Install)

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Currently Running PCLinuxOS

I have used Turey's installer to download and install everything. However, now I am stuck. I got a bunch of .exe files and such for the windows version of the game with no idea how to get going in linux.

Is freespace open supposed to run in wine? or am I missing something here?

Hmmm... If you have downloaded 'beyond the red line' you could probably use its exes for running the game

On the other hand... It might be best if you could perhaps try compiling the files on your own

Linux install is a cinch:,44374.0.html
has the latest binaries you need.

So what the java installer you used does is download all the game data - not the binary to run it.  You could either compile the binary yourself (as was suggested in the previous reply) or use the link above to get it.  I would recommend the latter.  Ignore all the .exe's.  DO NOT USE WINE. 

Alright, that was easy enough.

However now when I try to run Freespace it stalls my computer before I get to see anything. any clues on that?

Try running ([jealous]or compiling or whatever you ubergeeks do with Linux [/jealous]) the debug build, then posting the error log fs2_open.log found in your /data dir.


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