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Remediation requested



I'm a total newb in search of some help.

I ran the installer and the FS2 retail install.  I keep trying to run the game.  I get one of two errors: "OpenAL32.dll was not found."; and "Freespace2/Fred2 cannot run from a root directory."  Can someone help me out?


I think I got the openal problem solved.  Still perplexed as to what to do next.

Black Wolf:
Wait...a re you running FS2 Retail, or FSO over a retail install? Either way, try using the launcher to run FS2 if you're not already.

If it helps any, I have a walkthrough on how to get FS:SCP up & running from scratch.  (In my siggy, Turey's Installer link.)

The problem is your shortcut to the launcher I suspect. I've seen this one a few times now.,40121.msg848525.html#msg848525


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