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Need some urgent guidence concerning FS2O DL and Install [RESOLVED]

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Alrighty, very very pressed for time. I've been going to some regular LAN parties in my town; country town, so these are new and are gathering support from the few PC enthusiasts out here.... anyways, I'm sort of the "killer rig/game enthusiast guy" of the group who always shows off what the rest can get by upgrading their PC's and what games to look for, and when I showed them Freespace 2 Open at the last party, they started to froth.

We tried transferring the Games\Freespace2 folder (and the OpenAL32.dll) across the LAN, and it was only successfully distributed to two of the PC's, so I burned the folder to a DVD and sent that out. The problem is, those who copied it from the disc have no sound in the game; one of them fixed the issue by downloading FS2 Open and reinstalling it himself, but the rest lack decent internet connections. So, the next party is Tuesday, and one of our goals is to have some LAN matches of FS2 Open... but we need a working solution to get the game on everyone's PC. I've acquired a Zen Vision M and am using 8 gigabytes of it's hard drive as a jumpdrive, so file transferring is not a problem... but the sound issue still is.

So... if this is still making sense (my apologies, in a rush), I would be very very grateful if anyone here could post links to what I need to download to install an up-to-date FS2 Open + MediaVPs on any PC, offline. I remember seeing a topic about an offline DVD-borne installer, but I can't find that topic now... So, any help given, will be very very appreciated.

Alternately, if anyone knows why the sound is not working for those who simply copied the FS2 folder, and how to restore sound, that'd be even better. Everything else works for them- the settings I use are even preserved, so they only need to customize their controls.

EDIT - marked as resolved.

Someone kindly correct me if I'm wrong :doubt:, but I keep thinking that a mere DLL copy isn't enough...

(Unless regsvr32 could be used, but if it was me, I'd rather have a copy of the OpenAL install (not just the mere DLL) saved to the thumbdrive, and install it on every computer in the network --- a quick google should net you the install in no time at all).

Thanks, I'll forward that to one of the people who have the game with no sound, see if it corrects the issue.

EDIT - The only download link I can for the OpenAL installer is down : /. Rats.

Folder should be zipped before burned, otherwise causes problems with read-only files...

Try getting OpenAL here.

EDIT: Oh, and be sure to mention BtRL.

BtRL FTW!  If they frothed over FS2, they'd go nutso on that, I'm thinking...


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