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Admiral MS:
ScreenCam Script

What it does:
Stop the time and fly around or check the current battle situation.
Useful to take screenshots of any situation from every possible angle and place like these:

It comes with its own interface (created by MjnMixael) for the ScreenCam mode:

The ship save/load script is also included as ScreenCam requires the copyship function.


Unzip into your FS directory and select ScreenCam as mod in the launcher or add the files in the ScreenCam folder to any mod.
Use 3.7.2 or newer (Should work from 3.6.16).

To activate and deactivate the screencam mode press Alt-1. Gameplay should go on normally after deactivating the script.
Alt-2 enables and disables normal time compression (x1 / x0.0001).
Deactivating the script is only possible when the player ship has a speed of zero!
The script may break a mission and prevent finishing it, especially when used during cutscenes

If the script should be included in a mod there are functions usable with the script-eval sexp to enable ( scram_act() ) and disable ( scam_inact() ) the script. Default setting is enabled.

Please report any bugs!

U/L to FSMods?

Probably not until the fixed version is done. Let's not upload stuff to FSMods that will become obsolete in a few, shall we ?

Err, my though would be that any updates get uploaded to FSMods as a replacement to what is already there, so the old versions aren't kept.

I don't think so, but there is a "temporary uploads" category for that purpose.


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