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Prompt Box: An easy way to get a user response

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Wow. This is incredible stuff. I... I still need to process all of this in. This kind of thing is precisely the type of thing I've been wanting to have for, years - and now it's here I think I need to completely rework a bunch of things I've already done for my mod. Thanks for the excellent work and release, Axem! (and anyone else who helped him, in case)

I wanted something like this. Training message stuff is cool and ****, but it's horrible for remapped keyboard stuff and etc. A mouse ignores all this stuff.

Thanks, Axem. You're awesome, and you should keep being awesome. Asides from JAD and other stuff, this is probably why I think of you as a FRED idol alongside Battuta. Now if only I'd get off my ass and keep practicing doing FRED stuff...  :nervous:

Download link has been updated with a bug fixed. proBoxLock() would give off an error about not being a number when it was. I had added some error checking at the last minute and copy pasted some code and didn't change the variable it was supposed to be looking at. All fixed now!


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Who's up for a Freespace: Torment campaign? :P

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what can change the nature of a spaceship?


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