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Yo, updates to this can now be found on my github!

Hidden Text: Old Post • ShowBoy, look at me. I start something new and push stuff like the Journal and System viewer aside (that's still coming real soon!). How evil.

But anyway, something that always annoyed in FreeSpace was the messages. With all the fancy and awesome backgrounds we have these days, the messages gauge keeps getting washed out. Well, I've hopefully found a solution to those problems with this Scripted Message Gauge, made possible by awesome coder m!m!

Look and be amazed!

(Note I was playing around with the positioning here. That's the BP positions, the default in the download is more FS2 like. You're free to change it of course!)

Super easy to install into your mod, just extract the files and that's it. No special activation required! There's some neat stuff for FREDders too, like modifying the draw speed in FRED by adding !s or .s in the message name. See the wiki page for more details.

Thanks to mjn, Spoon, Darius, The E, and swashmebuckle for helping test this and for using it in your mods!

Grab this as part of my 2_HUD!

I'm hoping in a future version, when more hud gauge info is available to lua, I can just grab things like the Font and Position from what is already defined instead of having to specify positions in different areas. Also maybe automatically assigned message beeps and terminations. Please let me know if you have any problems or issues! (I'm hoping I didn't forget anything stupid)

General Battuta:
FYI this owns

Yeah, this thing got put into BtA and I was blown away when I saw it. :nod:

Impressive! Most Impressive :)

I saw that on your YouTube channel for some time now, but it's released finally! Yay!


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