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So I did put the new SaveLoad script up on the github for Beta Testing. I would not use it for production right now, there's missing features and a few bugs right now. Basically it's out there so you can get a sense of how it works and report any structural issues.

I have added a new version of AxMessage, my scripted message hud gauge. This is version 1.3, and the big change here is multi-resolution settings. Before you could turn it on or off with the MinVertRes setting in the config file. That is now gone. Now you can specify a variety of minimum resolutions with different graphical settings, and the script will select the best one to fit your current screen. Things like different fonts, different message box graphics, and it'll even let you scale the message box. It's not dynamic scaling, but it does let you use a single message box, and then you just need to figure out the right fonts and offsets.

So because of all of that, the config file is quite a bit rekajiggered, and is not backwards compatible. You'll need to move some stuff around, just look through the sample file and you'll get a sense what goes where.

And lastly, the Infinite Ship Spawning script from JAD is up there. It's all accessible with LuaSEXPs, so if you're looking to make some wild arcade nonsense, it's even easier to have tons of fighters. There's some new features, like customizable arrival effects, and a way to make groups arrive at once (sort of like wings).

The SaveLoadX script is close to production ready now. It can save flags and AI orders now (though in a pretty hacky fashion until better code support gets added). You can also now exclude ships from being saved as well as grab ship data from another external save file. So if you want to take it for a campaign you're working on and try it out, go right ahead. Please let me know of any bug reports. There's some helpful print statements in the debug log if you're running on a debug build, so please attach that and the save file generated if you run into errors.

Also, right now the script is set up to work outside of the normal campaign mode. On final release that will be turned off.

The line that governs this is
--- Code: ---self.WorksOutOfCampaign = true
--- End code ---

Its line 13 in saveload2-sct.tbm.

I've added some new scripts. Mostly stuff as seen in JAD: Countdown, Item Drop, Health Bars. (and all of which UndyingNephalim is going to be using in Star Fox: Event Horizon!)

Also I added the speedlines script as seen in my most viewed youtube video ever:


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