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Cap ship jump-ins


So I was playing with Axems jump script. I even fixed a bug that caused non-player ships to be stuck in AI-Play-Dead mode, but ran into a second one that causes fighters to arrive outside the warphole when the arrival/vector waypoints are aligned on the Y-axis what is above my handling.

I had to split it across 3 events:

-Event 1 supplies the name of the ship that is supposed to jump out. I had to seperate this from 2 because FSO has the kindness to delay the stealthing of the ship by 0.5 sec, meaning if you target it you'll briefly see how it gets teleported 50km away. It can't be fixed, even if you set the condition for Event 2 to "is event true delay 0" or "is-ship-stealthy" it just doesn't work. :/
1 event per ship.
 -Under "any-of" the name of the name of the ship jumping out/in can be specified.
 -In place of "key pressed" the condition for the beginning of the jump out process can be specified.

-Event 2 handles the creation of the jump out decoy. 3 things need to be adjusted for each ship:
 -under "any-of" the name of the decoy
 -under "ship-create" the class of the decoy
 -under "change-iff" the IFF of the decoy (visible only in the mission log) - needed for non-friendly ships.
IMPORTANT NOTE: it works with 1 sec delay- since I tried to use only 1 variable everything might break if you have 2 ships jumping out at once.

-Event 3 works as arrival cue for the rearrival of the departed ship (or multiple, if you like), exactly the way you'd use it for a normal one, say "is-event-true-delay, 10". You can choose the re-arrival type by altering the ship flags - adding "no-arrival-warp" will cause the ship to arrive directly (ideal for setting up mission stages recycling the same ships - hopefully, I haven't tested it much yet).

The variable was just a design decision of mine, probably it's easier for copy paste use to use the ships proper name instead. General recom. is to know how to edit missions in a text editor.

Event 4 is a test whether the script can still be used for player jumps, works.

Event 5 is a test whether it works fine for wingmen - it does not, neither with the original script (imjump-sct.tbmx, disabled) nor my edit (JumpNew-sct.tbm).

Known issue: orientation of rotating subsystems is not carried over by the decoy.


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