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Hi there~

So people are coming to this board and look to find some fine scripted functions for their campaigns... the problem is simply that this board called "Scripting Releaes" is pretty much the last place you should go to. I'm only guessing, but from my expirience are roughly 90% of all scripts (pretty much anything not made/updated by Axem or Wookiejedi) are more or less critical broken, at best they don't work properly, elseway they throw out errors nonstop.

Quite often, updated versions of these scripts exist, but only in campaigns with no mention on the related forum topic (or in case of the zoom script even the wiki, while basically all other scripts shown there are broken), where the scripts (or in case of the more complex ones, even just parts) have updates spread over numerous pages (what doesn't matter excatly, as they're broken anyway).

Therefore I wanted to propose a collection of HLP made scripts, perhabs on GitHub, which are maintained, supported and, perhabs, documented properly. So far 2 of them exist, what is not perfect but still better than the mess on this board. These are:

Definitely a good idea to get the discussion started. I have also reorganized my scripts so they are all in one collective folder now, similar to what Axem did.

Fixed the link. :)

Here's a list of what I found and what I remember (of not working/outdated things):

Death roll script -
Flicker glowmaps of dying ships (similar to above) -
Particle trail script (obsolete due to Particle Effects) -
Missile particle script (older version of above) -
Zoom script (newer version on wiki) -
Also, a bunch of Axems scripts that are outdated now too -
Scripted Message Gauge v1.2 ( ) is has a updated version on the asset release board.
I'm not sure if the other dev/release threads produce actual errors... however they're probably outdated and no hint that a newer version is available.

On the wiki - I know that the Example HUD doesn't work anymore (too bad, I liked it actually) -
The only one that has been upgraded past 2012 are the zoom script, which is the recentmost version of the script available; and the Scripted Mouse (2016 - untested).


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