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It's been a few months but I just heard from Herkie on FB recently.

He just got out of the hospital after recovering from Covid.  I'm paraphrasing here, but he basically said while it was a serious bout he had it didn't get to near death or anything like that.  He's okay now.

He also said he will be working on updates for Reboot and TBG.  When it comes to TBG he said the new version will be easier.  I told him to take his time.

Crap, Herkie was recovering from the coronavirus? I had no idea he had gotten infected. But yeah, I'm glad he's okay. I just got my regular monthly covid test done again today. I'm feeling fine and I've been taking all necessary precautions at work, so I expect the test to be negative again, but we'll see.

And yeah, I got no problem with Herkie taking his time on updating Aftermath. He deserves it.

Iain Baker:
Glad he has pulled through.

I sincerely want to express my support. Be safe. :yes:

I finished the TBG update, played the campaign twice. And it is working good. I have not finished my playthrough of the AF campaign at this this time as I am checking for more issues. The update will be available as soon as possible


And yes... I am fine and very careful. Thanks everyone.


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