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Our new beam cannons mirror the Shivan weapons but not their technological aspects. A fairly large amount of data that had been collected during the preceding Shivan wars indicated their arsenal of beams are based on the techniques of subspace manipulation. In other words, the Shivan beams are, in fact, subspace beams. The Shivans are able to direct a highly focused torrent of dimensional rifts and project them on a hostile craft. Now, this directed energy does not necessarily be one subspace beam because this would, eventually, create a wormhole. The beam is actually composed of thousands or perhaps millions of planar tears or 'holes' no bigger than a millimeter traveling at high velocity created by pulsing microbursts made by their beam emitters. Upon impact, the subspace beams will agitate the atoms, sending most of their subatomic constituents to the subspace dimension, ultimately destabilizing them and, in effect, sever the molecular bonds of matter thereby disintegrating the ship's hull.

Although the physics behind this technology is unclear, the general method or dynamics at work is not unknown to us. The Shivans may be the masters of subspace, we are also the masters of gravity. We have applied this technique in our ships and in our space installations. Graviton engines that worked miracles allowing us to be efficient in Zero-G conditions. We used gravity shielding in our Meson and neutron reactors instead of the outdated electromagnetic field. Therefore, in applying the same principle, we impact titanium atoms with focused highly intense gravity burst creating micro-singularities. So instead of subspace tears, our Gravimetric Beams are, in essence, waves of singularities along a stream of repulsing gravity field (this field prevents the inadvertent emergence of black holes in space battles). The effect on an enemy vessel is catastrophic similar to the Shivan beams.

There will be a time in our future when we no longer need jump engines to travel. As gravity is able to bend space, we may use our knowledge of gravity to build a warp engine, harnessing it's power of contracting space in front of our ships and expanding space behind it, propelling us at thousand times the speed of light relative to normal space without even moving while our spacecraft will be wrapped in a gravity cocoon or warp bubble. The ancient Law of Relativity will no longer apply here and there will be no time dilation. You will not even feel any acceleration. A true faster-than-light travel.

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