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shader failed to compile


Hello everyone. I haven't posted on a forum like this in a few years!

I am getting mighty desperate here and could use a hand if possible.

I have a retail copy of Freespace 2. The stock retail version works fine, but when I try to install Knossos and run Freespaceopen through the launcher, I get the error message...

A shader failed to compile!
File: gropenglshader.cpp
Line : 766

The game will start fine, but as soon as I try to launch a mission it crashes to this error screen.

My Specs

Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 2.53ghz
Nvidia GTX280M
8GB Ram
(Its my retro gaming laptop :D)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The E:
FSO, despite being based on a "retro" game, is not a "retro" engine. Its hardware requirements, especially as it comes to the GPU, are much higher; it will not function correctly, if at all, on a machine that old. It is intended to run on modern system, especially when taking advantage of mods.

Ok thanks for the reply. I did have a feeling that may be the case :(


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