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How Do I Help?


Okay, I have some free time, and as working with the Wiki (in particular the ship and weapon descriptions) has been one of the things I've done a lot of around here, I'd like to help transfer stuff from the old one, if I can.

So, if someone would be kind enough to explain how I might assist...

Black Wolf:
How do you mean? It's a lot simpler than the old wiki in terms of use - you sign up as for pretty much anything else (no messing about with wikiwords and the like) and just go for it. Getting the old info will be the biggest problem, as he admins are yet to transfer it over AFAIK, but once they do that there's really not much help required. It's all very intuitive.

Just cruise around and add things. If you remember the FS2 campaign well, you can help the walkthrough.


Or better, you can help with grammar checking.


music.tbl and species.tbl could use entries. (FYI, the larger number is samples per measure, the smaller is number of measures in the file.)


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